December 11

A gift for jesus

A Gift for Jesus!

  1.   Graph each line on your graph paper using a pencil. Make sure your lines are straight by using a ruler.

  2. When you have finished graphing all the lines, color your design.

  3.    You may use crayon, colored pencil, or marker.


     Box:                 Cross:

  1.  y=-9/-10                         1.  y=8/-1

  2. y= 9/10                           2. y=1/-1

 3.y=-9/10                              3. y=1/-7             

 4.y=-9/-10                             4. y=-1/-7

                                5. y=-1/-1

                                6. y=-7/-1

                                7. y=7/1

                                8. y=-1/1

                                9. y=-1/7

                              10. y=1/7

                                 11. y=1/1

                                12. y=8/1

Now that you have plotted the points on the graph connect the dots and there you have your gift for jesus picture!

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