December 11

A gift for jesus

A Gift for Jesus!

  1.   Graph each line on your graph paper using a pencil. Make sure your lines are straight by using a ruler.

  2. When you have finished graphing all the lines, color your design.

  3.    You may use crayon, colored pencil, or marker.


     Box:                 Cross:

  1.  y=-9/-10                         1.  y=8/-1

  2. y= 9/10                           2. y=1/-1

 3.y=-9/10                              3. y=1/-7             

 4.y=-9/-10                             4. y=-1/-7

                                5. y=-1/-1

                                6. y=-7/-1

                                7. y=7/1

                                8. y=-1/1

                                9. y=-1/7

                              10. y=1/7

                                 11. y=1/1

                                12. y=8/1

Now that you have plotted the points on the graph connect the dots and there you have your gift for jesus picture!

February 15

minecraft progect

I think it will be really  fun because i have never played  the game before.I will be good with a person that’s had a lot of experience with this game.(i would be good with Adrian)

I know this will be fun because its minecraft and your the teacher.

February 14

My hero uncle jimmy

Austin okelley           My heros ,uncle jimmy
 Heroes people are
who help others .They go out of their way to make sure
other people are safe .
Uncle jimmy is my hero because he is brave,helpful,and
fun loving.Jimmy is brave because he will risk his life for
others.He will catch you if you fall out of a burning
building.He will put out fires if someone is trapped in a
burning building he will go in and rescue them.
My uncle billy is helpful because if your cat is stuck in a
tree he will climb up it and get your cat.He will take people
that are really hurt to the ambulance.
My uncle is fun loving because he will take us to the park
on a nice day.We will ride bikes.
That’s  why my uncle is my hero.